About expraw

Were positive thinkers and we do have a vision of life that we want to live. One part of this vision is connected with traveling, being active, making new experiences, collecting memories and having freedom of choices. So we want to express all this – through photography.

Having and doing TOP 10 things from the list is just not enough for us. We push ourselves to go an extra mile: to visit, to do and experience as much as we can. So if we visiting lets say one of the Mediterranean island, were trying to explore it as deep as possible.

Youll find us snorkeling or scuba diving, walking in the countryside or trekking in the mountains instead of lying down all day at the beach.

P.S. We want you to be hooked on making new experiences, be more active and willing to see more of our beautiful earth.

"When you go somewhere you havent been... When you met people you havent seen... When you do something you havent done... When you feel something you havent felt… – it is your expraw. It is life."

Bronislovas and Skyler