21 B&W Photo Essay of Gozo Island, Malta

Snorkelling with fishes in Gozo

On our summer vacation we visited Malta for two weeks. Three of these days we spent in Gozo island.

Here’s a black and white photo collection of our experiences.

Window to Gozo
Window to Gozo
Azure Window
The famous and most visited place in Gozo - Azure Window
Crocodile Rock
The Crocodile Rock
Fungus Rock
The Fungus Rock
Rocky wave
Rocky Wave
Deepest Cave in Gozo
Deepest cave in Gozo
Shore of Gozo Island
Shore of Gozo island
Highest cliff in Gozo
The little boat vs highest cliff of Gozo
Boat Near the Cliffs
Boat Near The Cliffs
View from the Boat
Who is Ready for a Swim?
Under the Boat
Underwater sunrays in black and white
There are great places for snorkelling and diving all-arround Maltese islands
Creative underwater photo
Splash of sea Wave
Turn off your main road and you’ll find something unexpected
Splash of sea Wave
Splash of sea Wave
Sunset in Gozo
Nostalgic Sunset in Gozo

Hope you enjoyed this photo essay. If you liked it youre welcome to share it to your friends. Would mean a lot to us. Thank You :)


Mindaugas November 16th at 4:01pm

nice photos!

skylerluzz November 16th at 9:08am

Thank you so much! ;)

Paulius February 3rd at 9:19am


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