Colourful Gdańsk, Poland

Colourful Gdańsk in Poland

We always prefer nature and it’s wonders. Nature inspires us – pushes us to travel and get to know her, to see as much as possible and become a part of it.

But.. while driving to a meeting with the nature sooner or later you face with the living part of it – the city.

We can’t say that we don’t like it. Usually when we come to town, we look, walk, enjoy. And at the same time thinking and waiting – when we’ll escape from the hustle and bustle. Escape from these walls, fences, crowds..

Yet there are some cities that do have some charm and you want to come back again and again.. It may seem that there is still something not seen, not heard or something not tasted.

One of these cities for us is – Gdańsk, Poland.

Gates to the city old town
Gates to the city old town
Gates to the main square
The main square of the city
Faded local people in old town square

Some facts about Gdańsk to inspire you to visit it.

Gdańsk is a port city in northern Poland, on the Baltic Sea. Located on the leeward side of the Hel peninsula.

80-90% of the city center was destroyed in 1945 cause of bombing.. Nowadays in some areas of old town you can find black and white photographs, which show how the city looked at that time.

It is hard to believe that such a beautiful city is built on ruins.

Colourful street buildings
Another gate to the old town
Faded tourists in old street

St. Mary’s Church

The centerpiece of the Old Town – St. Mary’s Church, the largest brick cathedral in Europe. Construction took more than 150 years.

Cathedral’s main attraction – 82 meters tall bell tower, which is equipped with a viewing platform. The climbing begins in narrow twisted stairs, where it is difficult for two people to pass each other.

Later stairs become wider – a relief for the people who are afraid of small spaces. In total you have to overcome 408 steps. And it is really worth it.

The gem of cathedral – the fifteenth century astronomical clock. According to legend the clock’s creator had his eyes gouged out so he’d never make a clock better than this one.

Gdańsk old town view from above
On top of St. Marys Chuch in Gdańsk

The old port and famous Gdańsk crane

The Old Port has preserved ancient port crane, called Gdańsk crane. This unique structure is the oldest in Europe, it is also a symbol of the city. Once upon a time, this building served as a defensive gate. But it's main function was to move heavy loads.

Old port view
Gdańsk crane from other side of the Wysla River
Gdańsk crane behind the ship
Black ship in old port

Neptune’s fountain

One of the city's attraction points is the Neptune’s fountain, located in the most notable part of Gdańsk – Long Market (Długi Targ).

Neptune’s fountain in Long Market
Neptune’s fountain (Fontanna Neptuna)
Neptune’s fountain (Fontanna Neptuna)

There are still many other things to mention, why you should visit this colourful city. Just take a look at a few more random shots.

The exterior of the restaurant which is decorated with flowers
Beautiful graffiti wall
Comfy outdoor cafe
Big red doors
Sign written on white window - Everything Gets Better With Coffee
Reflection of pink, green and yellow buildings in rain puddle

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