Pinkish Sand of Elafonisi Beach, Crete

Pink sand of Elafonisi beach in Crete

4:30 a.m. We wake up. Today we’re going to see the white sand, sand dunes, the crystal clear waters of the sea and the lagoon. We will go to Elafonisi (Ελαφονήσι) beach!

It is said that this beach has one unusual feature: fine white sand turning to pink. Have you ever heard or seen something like that? We - haven’t. But soon we hope to see with our own eyes.

Today’s tour starts from the town of Chania. This means that to achieve our goal, we’ll have to go through the mountains about an hour and a half. Ooo yeah.. we love the mountains! Today’s journey from the beginning will be amazing.

07:00 a.m. We leave the car in the parking area, near the entrance to the beach.

We’re moving lazy, slow morning steps toward the beach. The whole beach belongs only for two of us. The first rays of the sun breaks through the dark mountains. Some parts of white coastal sand turns pinkish in color due to the natural miracle called Lafonisi.

We enjoy lingering tranquility...making photos.. wading the crystal clear lagoon... and finally we take a swim.

People are beginning to gather ...

11:00 a.m. People are just flocking to the beach: by bikes, cars, local and tourist buses. One after another in a continuous row. Like on the Black Friday sales.

With every occupied spot of the beach..with every unfolded umbrella and with every raised selfie stick - the whole tranquility, beauty and uniqueness of the place fades away...

Arriving to Elafonisi beach as early as possible - was one of the best decision, while visiting Crete.

Walking on the beach
Pink sand blue water
Rocky shore of Elafonisi
Red sunbeds and straw umbrellas
Clear waters
Rock in the sea
Little wave on the pinkish sand
Water curve on the beach
Shallow waters
Underwater crystal clear lagoon. White sand

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