151,000 steps. 3 days. Lithuanian coastline

151,000 steps in 3 days

We’re passionate about walking/hiking. 2016-05-14 we attended 25 km hike along Lithuanian beach. The sun was shining and whole atmosphere was just perfect. Then an idea came to our mind: why can’t we hike along all coastline of Lithuania?


1 Day

2016-07-06 - 03:00 a.m. The clock alarm wake’s us up. The very first question comes to our mind: Why? Why do we do that? What forces us to do that? Instantly the answer comes up: But why not? We can do it!

After sometime we’re sitting in the car and driving 215 km from Kaunas to Klaipėda, the third largest city in Lithuania. Here we’re leaving our car near the ferry (from Klaipėda to Smiltynė). We jump into our friend’s car and heading north to the city Šventoji, which is close to Lithuania-Latvia border.

Our road to the starting point

08:00 a.m. Our walk begins from the mark of Lithuania-Latvia border. Suddenly starts raining. We quickly put on our raincoats. The weather must be kidding — we thought. But just after a half a minute the sun comes up. With such a relief, we start our journey, finally.

Start point. Lithuania/Latvia border
To the dark clouds. You can spot a water tower of Šventoji city in the horizon
Our first break
The clouds don’t want to go away
Monkey bridge in Šventoji. Fun thing :)
Towards Palanga city

After about 13 km Palanga bridge appears in the horizon. Palanga is the busiest summer resort supplying of entertainment and noisy, frantic nightlife. So it’s not surprising that it’s very popular among local youngsters and tourists. 

That means that our first day half-road point is not so far (at least it seems like that). We continue walking. We walk walk.. walk and walk.. but the bridge wont get closer. We start kidding that this might be just a mirage. Luckily it wasnt and we reached it. Here were taking a longer stop.

Having some snacks under Palanga bridge

After some rest we start another half of our route. Truly speaking the first part of the coast was not so interesting to hike: there was not so much wildness, the beach was quite flat, time to time we saw people, houses — we always felt civilization around us. But now when we’re getting closer to Karklė the coastline becomes more wild and untouched. We’re starting to feel shiver down our spines, especially when dark clouds surrounded us. It’s amazing feeling when you’re alone in the wild.

A bit of rain
And a bit of sun :) Leaving civilization behind us
Yoga for the new energy
Hunting for mobile connection in order to chek our location
We’re getting closer to the beautiful beach of Karklė
Some wild places
Resting and hiding from the wind. A few kilometres from Karklė, there is totally wild beach where is no people and no signs of civilization

18:40 a.m. We’re sitting on the bench in Karklė beach, near the cliff of the Dutchman’s Cap (a parabolic dune emerged 24.4 m from the sea) which is constantly eroded by the beat of the waves and falls to the seaside by the slant of 20-22 meters height. Map shows us that 6.6 km left to our first night stay in Melnragė city. We stand up to cope with the last kilometers and tiredness.

Every kilometer counts. Feet are burning more and more, tights start soaring, mind goes crazy. The only wish – hot shower and clean bed :) Mmmm... The best feeling ever! We know that soon we will GET IT! And that drives us to go forward. With such emotional boost we finally reach our destination and enter the hotel room at 08:00 p.m.

But there is a thing. We need something to eat. And guess what? We need to go to the store. Luckily we thought about that in advance. The shop is just around the corner. So we crawl down the stairs and in a baby steps we get to the store. We take two pieces of steak and some Lithuanian white salad.

Back to hotel room. We’re so hungry that we eat these steaks by our bare hands. Soon we fall asleep — without any warning.


2 Day

09:00 a.m. We’re waking up. Taking our breakfast in hotel restaurant. Today our plan is to get from Melnragė to Juodkrantė city. In order to do that we do need to walk 5.5 km through Klaipėda city and take a ferry to Kuršių nerija - the Curonian Spit, narrow strip of sand stretching 97 km along the Baltic Sea in western Lithuania. 50 km of this Curonian Spit belongs to the Republic of Lithuania, the rest to the Russian Federation.

Buying tickets to ferry
About 5 minutes of relax while getting to the other side

02:00 p.m. We’re now in Kuršių Nerija - the gem of Lithuania, but one thing bothers us. From the early morning Skyler feels the pain in the hip joint. We were hopping that it will disappear after warming up. But even after a slowly walk to the ferry, the pain didn’t go away. So having clear mind Skyler is taking a bus to Juodkrantė as it’s the best decision in a given situation.

The bus stop is just a few steps away form the ferry and it runs every hour. You can get to the last town of the Curonian Spit in Lithuania, which is called Nida.

Skyler gives me a wave from the bus window and goes away. In less than half an hour she will be in a hotel. For me - about 20 km of hiking just begins.

The beach is so clear and wide
I am the only one here

What a feeling! Dunes are on the left...Baltic Sea is on the right... the wind pushes me forward along wide, clean and sandy beach by blowing from the back.

I wish Skyler was here.

Baywatch station
Baywatch station
Power kiters passes by
Birds in the sky

07:00 p.m. Skyler meets me on the way to the beach of Juodkrantė. We’re getting back to the hotel. I quickly take shower to refresh myself. Now we’re going for a walk in Juodkrantė - second largest city in the Kuršių Nerija and it’s just 2 km long. It’s completely opposite to Palanga. Here you can relax, feel inner peace, connect with nature. It’s perfect place for calm vacation.

After a good evening meal we pamper ourselves with this DELICIOUS RAW cake :)

3 Day

09:00 a.m. We’re going to the local store to get some breakfast. We buy buckwheat porridge, a bit of prawns, and of course -  coffee to boost our energy level and mood :) Today our plan is to reach resort town - Nida. Nida is something in the middle between Palanga and Juodkrantė. There is a balance between noisy nightlife and calm evening.

12:00 a.m. Were checking out the hotel. Today is very windy so we decide to go not by the beach, but by the bicycle path through the pine forest. Skyler is rested and full of energy to finish our 3 day hike.

Some mysterious pine woods
Going on the bicycle path
Skyler - starfish. Run out of optimism :)
Our 15 km
Bird watch tower near Karvaičiai village
What a rest

Walking closer to forest is being closer to animals. Few hours ago we saw running a roe-deer... a bit later a beautiful fox..now we spot a rabbit sitting in the grass. 

Quite a big rabbit
The carpet of the forest
Wooden path
In the background you can see Vecekrugas dune (67.2 m height) - the highest one in The Curonian Spit. Nida is after 6.6 km
The window of the seaside residents house

About 08:00 p.m. finally we’re in Nida. The very last short break and soon we will be at hotel room. Truly speaking the last two kilometers were exhausting and lasted very long.

We’re extremely happy as we accomplished our goal!

Our goal is accomplished!

The next day...

Do you think our story is over? Of course not! We’re keep going :) There’s still left a few kilometers until Lithuania-Russia border. And we definitely reached it!


To the beach
The water is 16 degrees celsius
Lithuania-Russia border mark
Happy happy people :)

Have you ever hiked any coastline? We would love to hear about your experiences in the comments below.

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