Sand Dunes of Curonian Spit, Lithuania [photos]

Sand Dunes of Curonian Spit in Lithuania

The most beautiful place in Lithuania for us — The Curonian Spit. A narrow peninsula of sand dunes separating the Curonian lagoon from the Baltic Sea.

This photo collection is dedicated for these amazing and unique dunes of The Curonian Spit.


Parnidis dune (Nida)

Shifting sand dune south of Nida on the Curonian Spit. It is 52 meters above sea level.

On top of the dune you will find an observation deck with a sundial, which was built in 1995.

Sand dunes landscape. In the corner - curonian lagoon
View point on the sand dunes near resort town Nida
Wooden hedge marks the line where you cant go any further
Yellow flowers growing on the sand dunes
The girl watching at the sand dunes
The girl walking on the sand dunes
Landscape of the sand dunes. Two sailboats in the Curonian lagoon
Plants on the sand dunes
Beautiful sky over the dunes landscape
Cloudy day on the sand dune near resort town Nida

The Grey Dunes (or the Dead Dunes)

The longest dunes in Lithuania. Even more - these dunes have a story to tell. Actually, one of the saddest stories of The Curonian Spit villages.

1675-1854 period blowing strong winds covered four villages of Nagliai. Which now looming in deep sand.

Dunes drifting speed ranged from 0.5 to 15 meters per year. Local people just can’t fight with this Mother Nature strength.

Strong winds are blowing on the top of sand dunes
The grass and other plants are growing on the grey sand dunes

Vecekrugas dune (Preila)

Vecekrugas dune is the highest dune in the Kuršių Nerija National Park – 67.2 m. It is overgrown with dwarf mountain pine trees, covered with grass and other rare plants.

Photos bellow are taken visiting Vecekrugas dune on a rainy day.

View to the sea
The Curonian Lagoon view behind the sign of Vecekgrugas dune
Klaipėda view behind the Curonian Spit
Vecekrugas road and viewpoint
Wooden sign. It is written Vecekgrukas Kopa
The Curonian Lagoon view from Vecekgrugas dune
Unpaved road to Vecekgrukas dune
The Curonian Spit view from Vecekrugas dune

There are around 37 species of mammals living in The Curonian Spit. So while walking you can quite often see a group of wild boars, elk, fox, hare, squirrel and a roe deer.

A girl near elk without horns
Four baby wild boars running over the sandy dune
Three wild boars looking straight to the camera

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